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List of Games for RPG

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8/11/2005 | 15 images | Playstation 2
RPG Maker 3
From the Designer Series, RPG Maker 3 for the PlayStation 2 entertainment system features an easy to use toolset and transforms 2D instruction into 3D worlds allowing you to produce exciting and enchanting games. It’s storytelling at its best. Choose your characters, worlds, items, landscapes, add a ...   more
10/10/2003 | 21 images | PC
SACRED challenges many of the known conventions of PC role-play gaming. Emphasis is placed on the six player characters, each having their own unique skills and abilities, along with a different in-game starting point and storyline to introduce them. Of the six characters, the Gladiator (close comba ...   more
8/12/2009 | 10 images | PC
Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel: Ice & Blood
Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, and Ascaron's Studio II today officially announced an add-on for "SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel" for PC: "Ice & Blood" will be distributed by Koch Media world-wide – except for the USA, Canada ...   more
12/23/2007 | 125 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel is the highly anticipated sequel to SACRED; one of the most successful action RPGs ever created.

In SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel the player assumes the role of a character and delves into a thrilling story packed full of quests and secrets to be unravelled. Breathtaking comb ...   more

2/10/2005 | 9 images | PC
Sacred Underworld
Players of Sacred can look forward to a game world that is 40 percent bigger than before, two new characters with distinctive and stunning abilities, 30 fearsome types of opponents and plenty of additional weapons, items and armor.

In Sacred Underworld, the player will be able to re-live the e ...   more

8/31/2005 | 22 images | PC
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul will continue to provide the gaming community with the innovation it expects from S2 Games.


  • Fully Dynamic Self Shadows
  • Higher Quality Models
  • Higher Quality Animations
  • Bump Mapping and Pixel Shaders
  • Realistic Reflective Wa ...   more
5/3/2004 | 11 images | Playstation 2
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
With a mix of turn-based strategy and RPG elements, Shadow Hearts: Covenant provides players with an even greater magical quest than its predecessor. Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, known as Shadow Hearts 2 in Japan, were created and published in Japan by Aruze Corporation.

The sto ...   more

9/21/2005 | 7 images | Playstation 2
Shadow Hearts: From The New World
The third and latest installment in the critically acclaimed role-playing game series, Shadow Hearts: From The New World takes place in the United States during the Great Depression. Featuring a gripping and inspirational storyline with up to 60 hours of gameplay, players can expect to run into ...   more
6/10/2003 | 7 images | PC
Shadow Vault
The sky is blackened by dark clouds and planet Earth is nearing its sad end. Human, a creature so inventive, has already tried all the possibilities to avoid his doom. Unsuccessfully. Only one way still remains - a time tunnel leading back to the year 1958. Contingent, the new world's government, di ...   more
10/5/2002 | 10 images | PC
Shadowbane is the first MMO to deliver the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE by offering a role where the player has the abilility to affect the world in a dynamic experience.

Darkness has fallen upon the world of Aerynth. Only a century ago the Elves and the Sons of Men fought their final battle, a battle ...   more

9/27/2003 | 3 images | PC
Shadowbane: Rise of Chaos
Shadowbane: The Rise of Chaos features new high-level content, and a new race, the Nephilim, a chaotic fusion of demon and man that has arisen from the forces of darkness. In addition, the expansion provides new character classes, disciplines, an additional character slot, two new macro zones, and ...   more
6/22/2005 | 68 images | Playstation 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
Serph, leader of the Embryon, wanders aimlessly through the lifeless streets before him.

In the Junkyard, his Tribe fought a gruesome war, hoping the light of Heaven would relieve their suffering. In the end, Serph's world vanished, along with the comrades who stood by him. All that awaited h ...   more

4/2/2004 | 63 images | Playstation 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is actually the third game in the series, which first appeared on the Super Famicom. Remakes of the first two titles were recently released in Japan for the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance. While Nocturne continues the series' tradition of a modern-day post-apocalypti ...   more
5/10/2005 | 7 images | Playstation 2
Shining Force Neo
Developed by SEGA Studios, Shining Force Neo is a tale of knights and magic, set in a world that has been popular with RPG fans for nearly 15 years. Max, a young fighter training for knighthood, has been tasked by his father to close monster portals that have opened up in peaceful villages. With the ...   more
9/10/2006 | 29 images | PC, PSP
Developed in-house at Monte Cristo, Silverfall challenges the conventions of action RPGs by thrusting players and their chosen companions into a stunning fantasy world of magic, machines and mayhem. Choose from a slew of spectacular magic spells or harness the raw power of science: the choices you m ...   more
2/13/2004 | 56 images | PC
Singles - Flirt Up Your Life
SINGLES - FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE by German development team ROTOBEE, lets player's control the lives of Linda and Mike, two very different people, apartment sharing in a busy European city. How they interact and get on is totally up to the player.

Having just moved in, with a small amount of money ...   more

2/15/2005 | 19 images | PC
Singles 2: Triple Trouble
Romantic comedy SINGLES 2: TRIPLE TROUBLE involves three young singles who share an apartment in the city. Having had a rough year, the player moves into their new apartment, little knowing that an ex of theirs is currently living there. Could it get any worse? With no where else to go, they have to ...   more
6/20/2006 | 32 images | Xbox 360
Spectral Force 3: Innocent Rage
More details coming soon... ...   more
6/12/2005 | 12 images | PSP
Spectral Souls 2: Unlimited Side
More information coming soon. ...   more
4/3/2005 | 41 images | PC
SpellForce II: Shadow Wars
In SpellForce II the player takes over both roles – he is Commander of his troops and also a front fighting hero, solving quests and overcoming obstacles as in classical RPGs, but also leads armies as in an RTS.

The Players character is supported by up to 5 heroes who can be summoned at specia ...   more

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