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List of Games for Shooter

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4/18/2002 | 22 images | Xbox, PC
Star Trek Elite Force II
In this sequel to the critically acclaimed first person action game, you resume the role of Alexander Munro, chief of the Hazard Team, Starfleet’s elite security unit. Now assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-E, you'll explore strange new worlds, battle against both new and familiar civilizati ...   more
12/25/2003 | 52 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront is an action/shooter game that gives fans and gamers the opportunity to re-live and participate in all of the classic Star Wars battles like never before. Players can select one of a number of different soldier types, jump into any vehicle, man any turret on the battlefront and ...   more
2/9/2004 | 29 images | Xbox, PC
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Development is underway on Star Wars: Republic Commando (working title), a dark and intense first-person shooter for the Xbox video game system and PC. The game will utilize an enhanced version of the acclaimed Unreal engine technology.

Expected for release summer 2004, Star Wars: Republic Co ...   more

6/7/2005 | 58 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Stargate SG-1: The Alliance
In "Stargate SG-1: The Alliance," Stargate Command is preparing for battle to thwart the evil Anubis, who has been traveling throughout the galaxy in search of a powerful artifact with the ability to throw the universe into ruin. To avert the threat, General Jack O'Neill and his squad must travel to ...   more
8/15/2004 | 79 images | PC
Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers is based on the movie of the same name and animated series franchise. Developed internally by Empire's award winning Strangelite Studio, the game will be released on PC, and all current and next generation consoles. The length of the agreement will allow Empire to produce multiple ...   more
4/5/2006 | 0 images | PC, Xbox 360
Strike Force Red Cell
Strike Force Red Cell, a soon to be released First Person Shooter (FPS) for the PC and XBOX 360 Console. Strike Force Red Cell is counter-terrorist game where you fight against terrorists in a real world first person shooter environment. ...   more
6/12/2007 | 15 images | PC, PlayStation 3
The Agency
The Agency is a fast-paced, online persistent shooter in a modern setting of bullets, bomb blasts, and betrayal. Live the life of an elite agent in a world of super spies and rugged mercenaries, who use both the highest technology and the lowest tactics to accomplish their goals. Featuring cooperati ...   more
6/12/2008 | 31 images | Nintendo Wii
The Conduit
Using their proprietary Quantum 3 Game Engine technology, the team at High Voltage Software is fusing fast and fluid gameplay with an advanced set of visuals intended to squarely establish the Wii as a true next-generation gaming platform. The first-person shooter boasts a competitive online multipl ...   more
1/21/2008 | 13 images | PC, Xbox 360
The Crossing
More details coming soon.... ...   more
10/9/2002 | 42 images | Xbox
The House of the Dead 3
In The House of the Dead III, players will defy the undead with shotgun in hand as they explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland of unrelenting terror. Fans of the series will thrill to beautifully rendered gore, time-sensitive gameplay and a wide variety of branching paths. Gamers take out wave after w ...   more
9/7/2006 | 5 images | PC
The Mark
US Marine corps officer Steve Fletcher and top-rated mercenary Austin Hawke join up in a thrilling battle against international terrorism.

They are Europe's last line of defence, tasked to stop a deadly nuclear package before it reaches its destination, London. The potential of killing hundred ...   more

9/26/2007 | 8 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
The Orange Box
The Black Box will ship for the PC, and includes Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. The Orange Box will ship for the PC, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, and Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, and includes all the content of The Black Box, plus the original H ...   more
10/4/2005 | 24 images | Xbox 360
The Outfit
THQ and Relic Entertainment take explosive World War II combat to the next generation in an all new 3rd Person Action Game. Combining intense squad-based combat and easy to use strategic gameplay elements, The Outfit takes players behind enemy lines, battling the Nazi War Machine through a variety o ...   more
4/22/2008 | 21 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
THEY, a mystery first person shooter from the Warsaw based developer Metropolis Software and the German full service provider IMC. Details coming soon. ...   more
12/18/2007 | 38 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Tiberium, a new game that brings a rich, original fiction to life through intense tactical action and visceral first-person shooting. Set in a stunning sci-fi world with spectacular visual effects and dramatic environments, Tiberium takes players on an adventure through a devastated Earth and places ...   more
6/22/2007 | 26 images | PlayStation 3
Time Crisis 4
Join operatives Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard to investigate and prevent a top secret weapon from falling into the hands of international terrorists!

Now, the most advanced game in the stellar Time Crisis series arrives on the PlayStation3, delivering totally immersive, intense gameplay. Time ...   more

1/12/2005 | 85 images | Xbox, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
"TimeShift" empowers players with the gift of time manipulation, including the ability to slow down, stop and rewind the world around them, allowing them to move freely while opponents and game objects are frozen in time. Featuring complex time control puzzles as an integral part of gameplay, "TimeS ...   more
4/24/2002 | 10 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube
TimeSplitters 2
Prepare to battle through history as the evil TimeSplitters get ready to rise again. TimeSplitters 2 will improve on the original in every conceivable way. The game offers a more involving single player and co-operative story mode, featuring a complex narrative with multiple objective-based episodes ...   more
5/7/2004 | 110 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, victory is in the hands of the player's past, present, and future self in a battle that stretches throughout time where humanity is on the brink of destruction from the malevolent TimeSplitters. Cortez--the tough-as-nails hero from previous installments--finds himsel ...   more
7/4/2007 | 0 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
To End All Wars
Set in the war-torn trenches of World War I Europe, “To End All Wars” will deliver unrivalled atmosphere and realism, bringing the mud strewn horror of this most desperate of conflicts to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 formats using Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 technology.

To ensure the title delive ...   more

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