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List of Games for Xbox

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6/1/2005 | 24 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube, PC, PSP
King Kong
Acclaimed game creator Michel Ancel and the Montpellier studio collaborate with triple Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson and visual-effects company Weta Ltd. to develop Peter Jackson's King Kong, a video game that will capture the imagination, vision and emotion of the epic film.

D ...   more

5/22/2004 | 47 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
Here it is, the first ever 3D version of the most popular fighting franchise in history, The King of Fighters Maximum Impact. Gamers from around the world will be able to finally play as their favorite SNK character in full 3D with beautifully rendered backgrounds and full flowing animation.

G ...   more

6/15/2002 | 52 images | Xbox, PC, Artwork
Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders
Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders is thrilling real-time strategy game that virtually places you in the epic battlefield of a fantasy world achieved by the epochal graphic power of Xbox. Remember the gigantic scale war-scene at the beginning of the movie, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Gladiators”? E ...   more
6/15/2005 | 46 images | Xbox
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes
Everyone enjoyed the big scale battle scenes in such movies as: Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, or Braveheart. Everyone imagines oneself being in the center of it all, as the hero who decides the outcome of the battle. With Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, players will have a chance to do exactly that: com ...   more
5/9/2005 | 5 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Knights of the Temple 2
Stay tuned for more information... ...   more
3/8/2002 | 56 images | Xbox
Kung Fu Chaos
Kung Fu Chaos" allows up to four people to battle it out on huge interactive movie sets that provide an added challenge to the mayhem. In true Hong Kong style, the combat features over-the-top gigantic leaps, suicidal stunts and multiple-opponent action. Gamers can choose from an outrageous cast of ...   more
8/31/2004 | 23 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
L. A. Rush
A reinvention of the classic Midway Rush franchise, L.A. Rush is scheduled for release in spring 2005 on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

Based on entirely new technology that recreates a living, breathing go anywhere Los Angeles wi ...   more

5/20/2002 | 87 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, Artwork
Lamborghini, founded in 1963 and headquartered in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, was recently brought under full ownership of the Audi AG group and is widely considered to have produced some of the world’s best super cars, including the 350 GT, Miura, Countach and Diablo.

Lamborghini also intro ...   more

4/6/2005 | 91 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC, PSP, Xbox 360
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
Tomb Raider: Legend revives the athletic, intelligent and entertaining adventurer who won the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide. Lara comes alive with intricately animated expressions, moves and abilities. An arsenal of modern equipment, such as a magnetic grappling device, binoculars, frag grena ...   more
10/21/2002 | 4 images | Xbox
Last Ninja - The Return
The game is a unique blend of action, adventure, strategy, exploration, stealth and combat action. Progress through the game has a supporting narrative that clearly defined start and finish conditions for each level and provides help where needed while still giving the player considerable freedom in ...   more
3/7/2002 | 42 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen 2
...   more
7/16/2003 | 55 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Legacy of Kain: Defiance
For the first time in the series both Kain and Raziel will be available as playable characters in all of their blood sucking and soul devouring glory. They are pitched against the Hylden; a force so evil that these two embittered rivals must unite. Taking on the role of Kain and Raziel in alternatin ...   more
11/28/2002 | 24 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube, Console
Legends of Wrestling II
Legends of Wrestling II is the exciting follow up to the holiday 2001 smash taking you through the ultimate wrestling hall of fame, with the top grapplers battling for squared circle supremacy!


  • Over 65 of the greatest ring warriors ever including the icon Hulk Hogan, ...   more
10/28/2003 | 8 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
Legends of Wrestling: SHOWDOWN
Legends of Wrestling: SHOWDOWN is the exclusive supercard of the immortals! Battle through the annals of time clashing with the greatest grapplers to set foot in the squared circle. Create dream matches, unlock classic feuds and travel down the path of pain in the first-ever era-based career mode to ...   more
8/24/2004 | 14 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube, PC
LEGO Star Wars
LEGO Star Wars combines two childhood favourites, LEGO and Star Wars, to create an innovative and exciting action-adventure title designed for young gamers. The game is based on The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and the eagerly awaited Star Wars : Episode III Revenge of the Sith TM, slated fo ...   more
2/16/2006 | 40 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSP
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
With a comical take on the Star Wars Trilogy that revolutionized pop culture forever (Episode IV A New Hope, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI Return of the Jedi), LEGO Star Wars II follows the Rebel Alliance's battle to dismantle the Galactic Empire and rebuild a galaxy in pieces. Fr ...   more
10/29/2003 | 19 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is scheduled for release on next-generation consoles and the PC in late 2004.

The Leisure Suit Larry videogame franchise began in 1987 with The Land of the Lounge Lizards, the first of seven games in the series. Since then, the Leisure Suit Larry games have ...   more

9/1/2003 | 2 images | Xbox
Links 2004
"Links," the best-selling golf franchise for the personal computer, has been rebuilt from the ground up exclusively for the Xbox video game system to deliver one of the most realistic and competitive golf experiences. Utilizing revolutionary new Web-based technology exclusive to XSN Sports titles, g ...   more
7/28/2002 | 7 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
LMA Manager 2003
Everyone thinks they can run their favourite team better than the real manager. Codemasters’ LMA Manager 2003 will give gamers the chance to put their opinions and tactics to the test when the best-selling brand comes to Xbox, the video game system from Microsoft, this October.

The LMA Manager ...   more

5/8/2003 | 58 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
LMA Manager 2004
The most successful football management series ever for video game consoles is set to evolve this October as Codemasters confirms LMA Manager 2004 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Introducing major new gameplay elements, LMA Manager 2004 will be a true advancement for the series, renowned as the m ...   more

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