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6/29/2004 | 29 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube
Second Sight
Due later this year for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube, Second Sight is an original property that redefines the standards for stealth action gameplay.

Combining an atmospheric, psychological thriller narrative with paranormal psychic abilities, stealthy exploration and intense shoot ...   more

10/11/2002 | 12 images | Xbox
Serious Sam
Serious Sam is a high-adrenaline arcade-action shooter heavily focused on frantic arcade-style single player action. In a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy-fiction and advanced technology is mixed with black magic and psycho-powers, Sam travels through the beautiful world of ancient Egypt and seve ...   more
4/24/2005 | 16 images | Xbox, PC
Serious Sam II
Picking up where Serious Sam: Second Encounter left off, Sam has rocketed off towards the conquered planet of Sirius, the new home of the notorious Mental. While en route, the Great Wizards Council of the nearly eradicated Sirian civilization telepathically contacts Sam to aid him in his quest to de ...   more
8/6/2002 | 85 images | PC
Shade: Wrath of Angels
In a small mountain village somewhere in Europe, an early evening train unloads its last passenger. A few weeks previously, the local priest notified the Vatican that a miracle had occurred, who responded by dispatching their representative to investigate this incident. Stepping to the ground, the ...   more
7/17/2009 | 13 images | Xbox 360
Shadow Complex
From blockbuster developers Epic Games Inc. and Chair Entertainment Group comes the next evolution in Xbox LIVE Arcade games. Shadow Complex is the height of old-school side-scroller design combined with modern, cutting-edge gameplay, all delivered with incredible graphics thanks to the legendary Un ...   more
2/1/2008 | 9 images | PC, Xbox 360
Shadow Harvest
Shadow Harvest is a highly immersive 3rd-person tactical action game set in the year 2025 on various current and future points of conflict around the globe. The game is in development for PC and XBOX 360. Featuring dual character control, amazingly realistic graphics and a refreshingly different sto ...   more
2/7/2003 | 7 images | Playstation 2
Shadow of the Sun
Shadow of the Sun is a story based first person action adventure game set in an alternate universe. The player takes the role of a once powerful vampire who has been incarcerated for hundreds of years by the Vampire council.

Visited by a haunting vision of a beautiful woman pleading for help ...   more

6/11/2006 | 23 images | PC, Xbox 360
FASA Studio, the creative minds behind “MechWarrior” and “Crimson Skies,” are back with “Shadowrun,” the new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) based on the much-beloved role-playing game (RPG) franchise. “Shadowrun” propels team-based combat into a new dimension with a revolutionary blend of mo ...   more
4/21/2011 | 23 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Shadows of the Damned
In Shadows of the Damned, gamers will assume the role of Garcia, a hard-as-nails, leather-clad, motorcycle-riding professional demon hunter who finds his true love kidnapped by vengeance-seeking demons. As he explores the farthest reaches of the netherworld, Garcia battles through hell and back, wit ...   more
4/14/2003 | 9 images | Xbox
Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans
Shayde: Monsters vs. Humans is a new fast-paced, 1st person shooter exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox. Set in a world of supernatural gothic horror, you choose the fate of mankind. Will you fight on the side of good, and be the hero of mankind and vanquish the plague of monsters that inhabit the la ...   more
2/23/2004 | 59 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
ShellShock: Nam '67
ShellShock: Nam '67. ShellShock: Nam '67 depicts the true horrors of the Vietnam War for the first time in a video game. The game is being developed by Guerrilla and will be available for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in June 2004.

ShellShock: Nam '67 focuses on one man's experience of the most ...   more

10/12/2002 | 60 images | Playstation 2
The legendary ninja returns, hunted by demons, haunted by the dead and hindered by the very rage that spurs him on... Following a massive earthquake, Tokyo lies in ruin as mysterious forces seek out and obliterate what is left of the Oboro clan. Players take the role of Hotsuma, leader of the Ob ...   more
4/17/2004 | 47 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube, GBA, PC
Shrek 2
Shrek 2 takes players on a twisted fairy tale adventure with Shrek and his buddies. Gamers revisit key locations from the movie sequel while discovering all-new locations and characters. Shrek 2 combines squad-based action with traditional action-adventure elements. Players can control their team ...   more
6/19/2002 | 75 images | Playstation 2, PC
Silent Hill 3
The follow up to 2001's smash hit Silent Hill 2, this new installment adds yet another eerie chapter to the growing legacy of the Silent Hill franchise. Silent Hill 3 promises to take the survival/horror genre to new heights with the series' trademark stunning graphics, masterful use of sound, and m ...   more
3/30/2004 | 68 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Silent Hill 4: The Room
With the Silent Hill series famed for its unsettling blend of psychological and visceral horror, Silent Hill 4: The Room turns the screw even further. Taking the series in a new direction, apprehension and fear immediately run high when the new main character, Henry Townshend, finds himself trapped ...   more
5/10/2006 | 21 images | Playstation 2, PSP
Silent Hill Origins
The first handheld title in the legendary horror series, Silent Hill Origins uses the PSP to tell an original story with disturbing graphics and all-new gameplay elements. The game's narrative reveals the origins that transformed Silent Hill from a sleepy town to a hellish stronghold of terror and i ...   more
7/17/2010 | 32 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Silent Hill: Downpour
Silent Hill: Downpour marks the series’ return to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and brings a completely original storyline which follows Murphy Pendleton, a convict stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill. Pendleton begins the game lost and alone in the woods on the outskirts of the fab ...   more
7/21/2007 | 89 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Silent Hill V (Provisional Title) marks the first appearance of the acclaimed series for Next Generation systems. The game follows Alex Shepherd, a war veteran returning home from an overseas tour of duty. Alex has taken compassionate leave following the news that his younger brother, Joshua, has go ...   more
4/7/2009 | 26 images | Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo Wii
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
The story follows Harry Mason, who wakes up after a car accident to find that his daughter Cheryl is missing. Harry will wander the snowy streets of Silent Hill searching for answers of her disappearance, but when the world freezes over, he will need to escape the lumbering demons that haunt his st ...   more
7/19/2002 | 23 images | Playstation 2
Silent Scope 3
The story begins in Silent Scope 3 when a nefarious terrorist organization abducts a leading expert on cloning technology in a plan to use his knowledge for world domination. As a top-secret government operative, it's up to the player to prevent this global threat by rescuing the scientist and neutr ...   more

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