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List of Games for PC

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8/5/2010 | 0 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Batman: Arkham City
Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players soaring into Arkham City, the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Set inside the heavily f ...   more
4/23/2004 | 9 images | PC
Battle for Troy
Battle for Troy puts the player in command of vast legions of armies in ancient Greece during the Trojan War. The player leads the military might of the bloodthirsty Greek Alliance's campaign, as they march across the rocky hillsides into ancient Troy.

Paris, King of Troy, has stolen the heart ...   more

1/7/2004 | 18 images | PC
Battle Mages
Since ancient times the World was protected from Chaos by Magical Crystal, which was placed somewhere in the center of the World. Only inside its safe aura there could live Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

But once upon a time peace among those races was broken and huge hordes of undead and other ho ...   more

4/17/2004 | 35 images | PC
Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness
A thousand years had passed since the great battle between the Lord of Chaos and the forces of the Order. Little by little, life returned back to normal.

The Mage Guild, created by humans who have discovered magic properties of the Crystal, became the most potent organization of the new world. ...   more

8/29/2002 | 3 images | PC
Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
Winter of the Wolf focuses mostly on the Wolf Clan and its plight to win its freedom from its Lotus enslavers. Those who played Battle Realms know that the Wolf Clan, a proud people, were free from the outset of the game, though their enslavement by the Lotus Clan and their subsequent struggle for f ...   more
9/9/2002 | 23 images | Xbox, PC
Battlefield 1942
In the multiplayer-focused Battlefield 1942™, players are given the power and tools to affect the outcomes of key battles of WWII. With the ability to control 35 authentic Axis and Allied vehicles from a first person perspective and select from five player classes, they are faced with incredible cho ...   more
4/5/2003 | 23 images | PC
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
From classified, cutting edge weapons to secret forces and clandestine places, Secret Weapons of WWII will add a new level of drama and excitement to the Battlefield 1942 experience. The expansion pack will feature many new vehicles and weapons that were extremely powerful, yet experimental. While t ...   more
12/27/2002 | 13 images | PC
Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome
The multiplayer-focused expansion pack Battlefield 1942:The Road to Rome will give players more of what they have grown accustomed to with the original Battlefield 1942 title, including more maps, more vehicles, more weapons and more fighting forces.

The Road to Rome will focus exclusively on ...   more

5/1/2009 | 8 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Battlefield 1943
Using the same Frostbite engine, Battlefield 1943 takes players back to WWII. The game offers endless hours of 24 player multiplayer action over three classic and tropic locations; Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Delivering the award-winning through-the-gun and vehicle warfare online experien ...   more
4/21/2004 | 111 images | PC
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2, scheduled for release in spring 2005, moves the franchise forward in time to invade the high tech frontlines of modern warfare. Powered by an all new game engine, Battlefield 2 brings the intensity and excitement of its predecessors, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, into the ...   more
7/15/2005 | 27 images | PC
Battlefield 2: Special Forces
Powered by the Battlefield 2 game engine, Battlefield 2: Special Forces™ brings the intensity and excitement of its predecessors into the realm of covert ops with the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man.

In Battlefield 2 Special Forces, players w ...   more

3/22/2006 | 71 images | PC
Battlefield 2142
The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic. The math is simple and brutal: The soil not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth's population. Some will live, most will die. In Battlefield 2142, players will choose to fight for one of two military s ...   more
2/8/2007 | 15 images | PC
Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike drops gamers deep into a desperate conflict for control of Earth’s last scraps of inhabitable land following the onset of a cataclysmic new ice age. The Pan-Asian Coalition (PAC) has secretly moved into mainland Europe, using abandoned urban areas to establish new s ...   more
3/2/2011 | 0 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Battlefield 3
In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines. As the first boots on the ground, players will experience heart-pounding missions across diverse locations including Paris, Tehran and New York. As a U.S. Marine in the field, periods of tension and anticipation are punctuated b ...   more
4/30/2008 | 9 images | PC
Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes is a brand new game from the team behind Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. It’s fun cartoon-style graphics and gameplay caters to players of all skill levels. It is easy to pick up and play but with robust character customization and a deep online meta-game, gamers can spend hou ...   more
11/5/2010 | 3 images | PC
Battlefield Play4Free
From the makers of the hit arcade shooter Battlefield Heroes comes an all-new entry in the free to play market, this time featuring photo-real characters, environments, weapons and maps. Electronic Arts Inc. today announced Battlefield Play4Free, a deep PC shooter featuring signature Battlefield veh ...   more
6/21/2003 | 43 images | PC
Battlefield Vietnam
Lock and load your M-16 and grab your flak jacket, it's time to hit the jungle in Battlefield Vietnam. Electronic Arts announced today that Battlefield Vietnam for the PC is under development and expects to debut in early 2004. The title will be published and distributed by Electronic Arts under the ...   more
3/31/2009 | 47 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
In this installment, the Bad Company crew again find themselves in the heart of the action, where they must use every weapon and vehicle at their disposal to survive. The action unfolds with unprecedented intensity, introducing a level of fervor to vehicular warfare never before experienced in a mod ...   more
8/7/2003 | 6 images | PC
Battlefields! Combined Arms Land Operations in World War II
Battlefields! Combined Arms Land Operations in World War II is a 1km hex-based battalion-level simulation of World War II combat that puts the wargamer in the role of the operational commander. Battlefields! uses actual minutes and hours to track time and coordinate orders. Tell your combat and supp ...   more
10/16/2005 | 35 images | Playstation 2, PC, Xbox 360
Battlestations: Midway
Relive the biggest sea battles of World War II as you blast your way across the Pacific from the chaos of Pearl Harbor, through the Philippines, Java and the Coral Sea all the way to the epic Battle of Midway.

Battlestations: Midway's unique blend of intense 3rd-person action and epic, large-s ...   more

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