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3/19/2006 | 5 images | PC
Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods
"Battle another God for dominance over the land through divine benevolence or mutual tyranny"

Battle of the Gods is the expansion disk for Black & White 2 and offers player a host of new challenges in a much darker, more sinister game world. Battle of the Gods takes the player back once more ...   more

7/21/2003 | 6 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
Black 9
Black 9 is an exciting new action/RPG that weaves intense game play through a captivating story, with streamlined RPG-style character development. In Black 9, players encounter rival mercenaries, assassins, spies and soldiers as they battle through fascinating environments on Earth, the moon and Mar ...   more
10/13/2003 | 18 images | PC
Black Mirror
British nobleman, Samuel Gordon, has just returned to his homeland after a self-imposed twelve year absence. Reluctantly returning to his magnificent home, Black Mirror Manor, he is desperate to prove that the untimely death of his ancestor, William Gordon, was not just an ‘unfortunate incident.’ Sa ...   more
1/30/2007 | 35 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
BlackSite: Area 51
Developed by Midway Studios - Austin, BlackSite: Area 51 is a next-generation game that will redefine the first person shooter (FPS) genre. While other FPS titles claim to feature "action-packed, highly realistic gameplay," BlackSite: Area 51 takes next-gen gaming to an all-new level integrating cut ...   more
10/25/2002 | 42 images | Xbox
Blackstone: Magic and Steel
In the game, darkness has crept into the world of Zedan. Madul (the Dark Lord) has led his forces of the Underworld to victory over the White Wizards and the Forces of Light. Hope still remains as the White Wizards summon the bravest of the brave to battle Maduls army and find the sacred Black Stone ...   more
6/18/2002 | 28 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
Blade 2
The man known only as Blade came into the world as an orphan when his mother was bitten by a vampire while in labour and died during childbirth. Determined to avenge her death, Blade fashioned himself into a vampire hunter and sharpened his combat skills to a lethal edge. He is fuelled by a craving ...   more
6/24/2006 | 27 images | PSP
Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light
Set in the fantasy world of Lunadia, a place that in the distant past had seen a fierce battle rage between the Evil Demon Lord and the Guardian of Light – Blade Dancer Gerald.

Evil was defeated, but the mysterious circumstances of the victory and the subsequent disappearance of the Blade Danc ...   more

11/1/2006 | 178 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
In 2007, KOEI’s upcoming video game, BLADESTORM: THE HUNDRED YEARS’ WAR will bring to life the intensity and drama of a war-torn Medieval Europe featuring a rich tapestry of legendary characters including Joan of Arc and Prince Edward- later to be named the Black Prince.

Utilizing a new game e ...   more

6/28/2007 | 0 images | Nintendo Wii
Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy.
Developed by Budcat Creations and scheduled for a Q1 2008 release in Europe, Blast Works is a side-scrolling shooter that lets players craft the game to their liking by building their own levels, ships and enemy ships. In addition, players can “absorb” the pieces and weapons of destroyed enemy ships ...   more
5/24/2007 | 11 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Blazing Angels II: Secret Missions of WWII
Developed by Ubisoft’s Romania studio, Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII is an intense action-adventure air combat game that takes place during WWII.

In this game, you are the leader of Operation Wildcard, an undercover and elite squad of pilots secretly created by the American governm ...   more

7/11/2005 | 46 images | Xbox, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
Experience the most gripping and famous battles of WWII through the eyes of a squadron commander and ace fighter pilot. From the battle for England, the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the bombing of Berlin, your pilot skills will create WWII history. Conquer the skies of Western Europe, North Africa, an ...   more
10/28/2006 | 26 images | Nintendo Wii
Fighting game for Nintendo Wii In Development by Sega - more details coming soon... ...   more
6/16/2004 | 3 images | Xbox
Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space
Blinx is back, and this time he's taking on a whole new dimension! Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space, the sequel to one of the best-selling Xbox action-platformers, is in development and slated for a holiday 2004 release. Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space is the world's first 5-D game, giving players ...   more
10/10/2002 | 17 images | Xbox
Blinx: The Time Sweeper
Blinx: The Time Sweeper is a fast-paced action game featuring a cool, clever new character in wild, warped worlds. The ability to control the flow of time provides a totally new gaming experience only possible on Xbox.

Blinx is a cat on a mission to fix glitches in time. With the aid of his t ...   more

7/22/2005 | 17 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, Xbox 360
Blitz: The League
Playing in The League is your dream but you've paid the price. Your arms ache from weight-room reps and painkillers are blurring your vision. The dirty hits you've laid on QBs are career-enders but they also keep you employed. Two more sacks and you get your bonus, paying for your fast cars and fast ...   more
7/8/2008 | 8 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Blitz: The League II
As the sequel to the more than one million unit selling and award-winning football experience, BLITZ: THE LEAGUE II, continues the franchise legacy as the ultimate alternative to the watered-down, licensed competition. In addition to an all-new story mode penned by Peter Egan (ESPN’s Playmakers), BL ...   more
4/18/2002 | 47 images | PC
Blitzkrieg is a breathtaking RTS game set in the Second World War. Similar to Sudden Strike, the gamer commands Allied, Russian or German troops. 3D surroundings and 3D units offer brand new tactical possibilities. From the historical point of view, this RTS game is even more accurate than Sudden St ...   more
2/24/2004 | 57 images | PC
Blitzkrieg 2
Developed by Nival Interactive, Blitzkrieg 2 takes everything gamers loved about the original game and kicks it up to a whole new level. Players take on the role of German, American and Russian WWII battlefield commanders modeled after their real-world counterparts as they command more than 250 type ...   more
4/25/2006 | 6 images | PC
Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich
Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich spans three major offensives from the final days of fighting on the Eastern front and covers both the Soviet and German campaigns in the long "Siege of Budapest," "Fortress Kurland," and the Soviet "Operation Bagration." Sixteen historically based missions across 10 n ...   more
10/12/2004 | 15 images | PC
Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder
Get involved!

Epic 18 mission campaign with the American legend General Patton. Follow Patton from the landing in Casablanca through seven countries: Fight for Northern Africa, Operation Husky (battle for Sicily 1943), breakout from the Normandy bridgehead (Operation Cobra), the Race throug ...   more

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