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List of Games for RPG

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4/29/2005 | 88 images | PC
Hellgate: London
Hellgate: London is a role-playing game set in the immersive first-person perspective. With a completely randomised world that offers a unique experience every time you play, Hellgate: London introduces a demon-ridden world where the last survivors of the human race must meld science and magic to su ...   more
3/11/2002 | 83 images | PC
Heroes of Might and Magic IV
...   more
2/10/2011 | 21 images | PlayStation 3
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Hyperdimension Neptunia is an all new PS3 RPG by Idea Factory. Players will take on the role of a young goddess named Neptune. She is a personified video game console who will fight against the evil goddess, a personified version of a video game piracy device. During battle Neptune will fight in her ...   more
3/29/2002 | 17 images | PC
Icewind Dale II
Icewind Dale II is being created internally at Black Isle Studios and offers more of the classic dungeon crawl experience, using the Dungeons & Dragons® license from Wizards of the Coast. Based in part on the series of books by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, Icewind Dale II will ...   more
9/15/2007 | 106 images | Xbox 360
Infinite Undiscovery
INFINITE UNDISCOVERY is the newest fantasy RPG developed by tri-Ace Inc. (STAR OCEAN, VALKYRIE PROFILE) for next-generation hardware. Players will be drawn into a real-time world woven of countless threads where their choices will spin untold discoveries. This title, combining the talents of both Sq ...   more
9/7/2006 | 13 images | PC
Jade Empire: Special Edition
Jade Empire is an award-winning role-playing game (RPG) from renowned PC game developer BioWare. Anticipated for January 2007, Jade Empire: Special Edition will feature enhanced graphics and a number of new additions.

In the ancient, mysterious world of the Jade Empire, players choose to act a ...   more

11/11/2003 | 4 images | PC
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire
Background Story: Arulco’s economy has completely collapsed and the country has now become a base for international drug cartels. Export of precious metals, which was the foundation of Arulco’s economy, is now just a cover for the extensive export of drugs into North America.

The North Americ ...   more

8/7/2002 | 60 images | Playstation 2
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts is the first project from Squaresoft and Disney Interactive. This revolutionary relationship has created an entirely new genre of game - an 'Action RPG' that combines classic Disney characters and worlds with new elements created in the renowned Squaresoft style.

Kingdom Hearts ...   more

9/30/2005 | 109 images | Playstation 2
Kingdom Hearts II
KINGDOM HEARTS II follows Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their continuing quest. Sora is looking for his lost friend Riku, while Donald and Goofy are searching for their missing king.

It has been a year since the events of KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES. The story begins in Twilight Town, a quie ...   more

11/12/2005 | 22 images | PSP
Kingdom of Paradise
Kingdom of Paradise is a fantastical martial tale of heroism in a mythical Orient.

The peaceful world of Ouka and its five martial clans are disrupted when one clan brutally attacks to gain absolute power. As Shinbu, a young warrior once considered an outcast, use your deadly swordsmanship sk ...   more

3/7/2011 | 15 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Reckoning is an epic, open-world role-playing game set in Amalur, a mysterious and magical new fantasy world created by New York Times best-selling author R. A. Salvatore. Brought to life visually through the trademark visceral style of renowned artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, Reckoning bri ...   more
3/9/2008 | 10 images | PC
King's Bounty: The Legend
King’s Bounty: The Legend is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and RPG elements unfolding in a rich fantasy world. The character and his army of companions travel across a huge continent, visiting dozens of different locations all connected to each other. Communicating with NPCs, co ...   more
4/26/2002 | 5 images | Playstation 2
Kingsfield IV
An accursed idol responsible for the destruction of an ancient race has surfaced to wreak havoc once again among the kingdoms of man. You must return the idol to the Ancient City to break its curse, but monsters of unspeakable horror haunt the ruins. The smell of fear is in the air of the Ancient Ci ...   more
10/12/2004 | 5 images | PC
KnightShift 2: Curse of Souls
You are the hero that nobody called for. But nevertheless it seems to be in your blood, this urge to save the world. In KnightShift2: Curse of Souls, there is often more than just one way to achieving your goal.

What is good and what is evil, you decide, but no one chosen way will lead you pa ...   more

3/26/2004 | 23 images | PC
Kult: Heretic Kingdoms
The 'Kult: Heretic Kingdoms' development project, formerly known under the working titles 'Cult' and 'Kult', has taken an interesting turn since the beginning of 2004. The project, combining 3D technologies with the intuitive environment of an isometric game, had already caught the early attention o ...   more
7/18/2009 | 45 images | PlayStation 3
Last Rebellion
There are 2 main characters in Last Rebellion, Nine (male) and Aisha (female). Nine is a Blade, whose specialty is physical attacks, and Aisha is a Sealer, who uses magic spells to attack and seal enemies. The player can switch back and forth between the two during the battle. Since Nine and Aisha s ...   more
4/23/2006 | 9 images | PSP
Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch
"The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch" opens with childhood friends Jurio and Chris as they embark on a pilgrimage to five shrines surrounding their village. During their journey, they learn of the dangers of the Raual Wave that threatens to destroy everything in its path. Can J ...   more
6/23/2002 | 33 images | PC
It is 1588 A.D., a critical year of an alternate history hauntingly familiar yet fantastically alien to our own. Because of one fateful event during the Third Crusade, the history of this world diverged. This event, the Disjunction, ripped open a long-sealed breach to other worlds. Magic energy and ...   more
12/19/2005 | 71 images | PC
Loki puts the player in key epochs of history surrounded by legendary heroes, powerful divinities and mythical creatures such as hydrae, dragons and minotaurs. With Loki's extensive population of characters and dynamic real-time action, Cyanide developers chose to optimize the game for the real-time ...   more
7/15/2006 | 0 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Lord of the Rings, The White Council
The game, inspired by the New Line Cinema feature film trilogy that grossed more than $3 billion, will feature an original storyline derived from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings novels under an agreement with EA. The game is scheduled to ship in late 2007.

Players have the freedom to ex ...   more

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