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List of Games for RPG

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11/11/2005 | 12 images | Playstation 2
MS Saga: A New Dawn
"MS Saga: A New Dawn" features an original storyline, characters and world with dozens of mobile suits that can be customized with 60 optional parts, 200 interchangeable pieces and weaponry for a unique RPG experience. These mechanized warriors can be specialized for ranged attacks or transformed in ...   more
9/9/2002 | 40 images | PC
If you like first person shooters, you're going to love Neocron, because it provides a whole range of varied weaponry and direct battles. While there's a ceasefire in the city, you can set out to the vast wastelands to hunt monsters and mutants. You can participate in deathmatches in special arenas ...   more
3/10/2006 | 18 images | PSP
Neon Genesis Evangelions 2
A combo battle-RPG game that runs parallel to events in the EVA series, featuring characters from the show and all of the Evangelion robot battlers in a game very much like developer Alfa System's other combo game, Gun Parade March. Stay tuned for more details. ...   more
4/26/2002 | 28 images | PC
In the world of brave knights and beautiful virgins there roams a lonely creature Agavaen - an ancient fairy with broken wings. Humans are afraid of her and despise her so she found her place among the thieves. It is not a fairy-like life but however... at least she belongs to someplace. Until a day ...   more
4/26/2002 | 36 images | PC
Neverwinter Nights
Neverwinter Nights is the most fully-featured RPG ever. The first computer game to completely recreate the classic “pen and paper” role-playing game in stunning 3D, Neverwinter Nights features a dynamic single player storyline, advanced graphics technology, revolutionary online multiplayer capabilit ...   more
8/8/2004 | 56 images | PC
Neverwinter Nights 2
Neverwinter Nights 2 will be developed by Obsidian Entertainment, founded by Feargus Urquhart who, as the President of Black Isle Studios, was responsible for the publishing of the Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series and the development of the Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment f ...   more
10/23/2007 | 0 images | PC
Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate
Developed by Ossian Studios, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate is the first full featured Adventure Pack available from Atari. Set in the infamous Forgotten Realms city of Westgate, players find themselves in possession of a powerful but cursed treasure that threatens to destroy them. Link ...   more
8/12/2008 | 21 images | PC
Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir
Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Atari will be expanding on the Neverwinter Nights 2 franchise with Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, by delivering an engrossing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS experience. Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir hearkens back to the days of the Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dal ...   more
8/29/2003 | 10 images | PC
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark
Following the release of the first official expansion pack, Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide in June, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark pits players in a battle to save the embattled city of Waterdeep from an ancient evil buried deep within the earth and stone of Undermountain. Ne ...   more
12/17/2005 | 26 images | PSP
New Harvest Moon: Innocent Life
New Harvest Moon: Innocent Life - coming to Japan in 2006 for PSP. No US release date announced yet. Stay tuned for more details... ...   more
11/1/2004 | 18 images | Playstation 2
Nightmare of Druaga
Noble Gilgamesh, crown prince of Babylim, is betrothed to Lady Ki, the damsel he rescued from the dreaded Druaga Tower 3 years past. The night before the ceremony, an army of nightmarish monsters commanded by a vengeful sorceress invades the kingdom and abducts Ki once again. Steeling himself for ba ...   more
10/3/2003 | 26 images | PC
Once Upon A Knight
There are many medieval fantasy titles — but none like the innovative Once Upon A Knight. Set within a world of treachery, nobility and milk (yes milk), Once Upon A Knight delivers powerful gameplay — while never taking itself too seriously. It features extensive play with a comprehensive real-time ...   more
2/8/2008 | 34 images | Nintendo Wii
While on an interplanetary family vacation, the young boy Opoona crash lands on Planet Landroll after his spaceship is involved in a mysterious accident. Separated from his family, Opoona is forced to live alone. On the planet, Opoona must find a job, search for his siblings, and defend himself and ...   more
11/1/2002 | 11 images | PC
Paradise Cracked
For many years the world had suffered from overpopulation and ecological destruction, until the leading scientists created CyberBrain - a supercomputer that solved all the global problems and turned the overpopulated and polluted Earth into Paradise.

...Cyberspace gave an opportunity to make e ...   more

5/3/2003 | 34 images | GameCube
Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution
"Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution" expands the "Phantasy Star Online" (PSO) universe, offering a new style of strategic combat. Combining the excitement of card collection and deck settings with team-based battle tactics, PSO Episode III allows users to chat in the lobby about s ...   more
8/30/2009 | 21 images | PSP
Phantasy Star Portable 2
Explore the universe of SEGA’s critically acclaimed and best selling RPG franchise in this second installment of the Phantasy Star portable series. The game returns to its roots by offering an online multiplayer component in addition to its robust single-player action adventure. Now gamers can meet ...   more
4/29/2005 | 87 images | Playstation 2, PC, Xbox 360
Phantasy Star Universe
Phantasy Star Universe offers two complete RPG experiences - a single-player action adventure spanning multiple planets, and a robust online multi-player component.

Developed by SEGA Studios under the guidance of Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy S ...   more

10/26/2007 | 8 images | Playstation 2, Xbox 360
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus continues the exciting action-RPG storyline of Phantasy Star Universe. A new Human Fundamentalist movement, known as the Illuminus, disrupts the peaceful Gurhal System throwing the Gurhal Government into chaos. Using their custom-made Guardian, playe ...   more
5/6/2004 | 12 images | Playstation 2
Phantom Brave
Enter thirteen-year-old orphan Marona who lives alone on Phantom Isle Island. Marona isn’t your average child, as she has the uncanny ability to see and manipulate spirits, one of whom happens to be Ash, a swordsman who died alongside Marona’s mother and father. Ash serves as a companion and guardia ...   more
5/22/2003 | 32 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, PC, Artwork
Pilot Down
It's winter 1944 and your plane has just been shot down over Germany. The manhunt is now on! Pursued by the Germans, incapable of speaking without giving yourself away, all you have is your army survival kit and your only hope of survival is to reach Switzerland on foot. Based on the experiences of ...   more

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