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12/11/2002 | 4 images | Playstation 2
The U.S. Navy SEALs protect America through sea, air and land from enemy forces around the world. Trained to tackle any mission, anytime, anyplace, U.S. Navy SEALs are THE top operatives in the special forces community. Test your skills as the commander of a team faced with more than 12 deadly missi ...   more
2/20/2004 | 27 images | PC
'SOLAR' is a new FPS from Brat designs and the first to use the Mercury II engine. Taking place across three theatres of war, The Earth, Moon and Mars, SOLAR follows the progress of the Eastern Collective Democracy (ECD) and the United Western Alliance (UWA) as they clash in a decades old struggle f ...   more
3/5/2002 | 85 images | Xbox, PC
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
Reprise the role of John Mullins: patriot, weapons specialist, anti-terrorist mercenary and Military Consultant. Trust no one only your ability to take out operatives with your brains, brawn and firepower. Failure is not an option.

The stakes are even higher in thisheart-pounding sequel to the ...   more

10/9/2007 | 7 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Soldier of Fortune Payback
The saga continues with the organization known as “The Shop,” where players take on the role of a hired mercenary blasting through brutal do-or-die battle scenes in the world’s most dangerous criminal and terrorist hotspots.

Soldier of Fortune Payback evolves the signature gameplay of its pred ...   more

10/21/2002 | 7 images | PC
Soldiers of Anarchy
It's 2013. 10 years ago, a fanatical cult caused a near apocalypse on the Earth. To survive, you and a group of military veterans went underground. Now, you emerge to a world enslaved by the cult. You must free humanity from its new oppressors.

Controlling a fully customizable squad of up to ...   more

4/8/2004 | 54 images | PC
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
Soldiers is a third-person tactical action complete with a stunning 3D visual engine.

Pitching the player headlong into the war-torn battlegrounds of Europe, gameplay delivers extremely realistic yet explosive combat scenarios. Commanding a highly trained team of special forces behind enemy li ...   more

12/12/2002 | 53 images | PC
Soldner - Secret Wars
It is the year 2010: after more than a half-century's worth of military interventions, the United States of America, together with the former Soviet Union, have wearied of their roles as global police. The former world powers are forced to minimise military operations that threaten damage of mammoth ...   more
1/19/2005 | 3 images | PC
Soldner : Marine Corps
More details coming soon... ...   more
10/21/2009 | 9 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
Developed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, the home video game system, Wii and the Nintendo DS system, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing will speed into stores in early 2010.

In a frantic battle to the chequered flag, Sonic & SEGA A ...   more

3/10/2003 | 8 images | GBA
Sonic Advance 2
Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again, and the world’s fastest hedgehog must put a stop to it.Your favorite characters are back in Sonic’s fastest adventure ever, and it’s only available on Game Boy Advance. A new friend named Cream the Rabbit joins Sonic, as they embark on a blazingly fast quest ...   more
2/2/2003 | 55 images | GameCube
Sonic Adventure DX
"Sonic Adventure DX" is Sonic The Hedgehog's third blazing-fast quest on the Nintendo GameCube, and the ultimate version of one of Sonic's biggest SEGA Dreamcast blockbusters. Featuring enhanced graphics, sound and Game Boy Advance connectivity, "Sonic Adventure DX" pits Sonic and his pals against t ...   more
7/21/2008 | 0 images | Nintendo Wii
Sonic and the Black Knight
Part of the storybook series of games that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings, this new title brings Sonic into the world of Arthurian legend and offers the worlds most infamous blue hedgehog the chance to become a knight. Using the unique Wii control system, this exciting game will take advantag ...   more
9/23/2006 | 41 images | Nintendo Wii
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Sonic brings his trademark speed and attitude to the Nintendo Wii in his first solo adventure since 1991. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic finds himself in the colorful and vibrant world of the Arabian Nights tales. There he embarks on his most outrageous journey to date through an expansive 3D ...   more
6/30/2010 | 0 images | Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii
Sonic Colors
Sonic Colors is a brand new high speed action adventure in which Sonic the Hedgehog races through incredible theme park inspired worlds to rescue a colorful alien race from the clutches of Dr. Eggman. Sonic Colors will be available on the Wii system and the Nintendo DS system holiday 2010.

An ...   more

11/2/2010 | 28 images | Xbox 360
Sonic Free Riders
Set for release Holiday 2010, Sonic Free Riders offers an extreme fast-paced boarding game and is developed to take full advantage of Kinect for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

For the first time ever in a SEGA game, full-motion body control will allow you to t ...   more

8/2/2005 | 29 images | GameCube
Sonic Gems Collection
Long-time Sonic fans, collectors, treasure hunters and newcomers rejoice! The gem of all gems from the Sonic The Hedgehog family of products is coming this summer exclusively to the Nintendo GameCube. Until now, the titles featured in Sonic Gems Collection have only been available in the arcade, on ...   more
5/27/2003 | 104 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube
Sonic Heroes
SEGA's legendary mascot Sonic The Hedgehog makes his historic multi-platform debut and embarks on his biggest adventure ever, with his trademark blazing speed and a new gameplay twist in "Sonic Heroes." Sonic and his friends have evolved, adopting a configuration feature that lets gamers control thr ...   more
8/15/2004 | 27 images | Xbox, Playstation 2
Sonic Mega Collection Plus
Loaded with hyper-speed ring collecting fun, Sonic Mega Collection Plus features SEGA's mascot and all his friends in some of their greatest adventures.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus will feature seven Sonic The Hedgehog games from the SEGA Genesis, three lock-on games, four additional unlockable ...   more

9/11/2005 | 142 images | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Sonic Next Gen
Sonic The Hedgehog for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 will be developed under the direction of Yuji Naka, award-winning developer known for creating the hugely successful SEGA franchise. With an innovative combination of art, physics and game design, SEGA and Mr. Naka expect to create the most intense s ...   more
12/2/2005 | 44 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube
Sonic Riders
Developed by SONIC TEAM, Tokyo, Sonic Riders integrates Extreme sports, high-speed racing and head-to-head battles, offering a new racing experience with Sonic which is unlike any before in other racing games. Sonic Riders is slated to ship in Winter 2006.

In Sonic Riders, Dr. Eggman challenge ...   more

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