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List of Games for Nintendo Wii

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12/24/2006 | 38 images | PSP, Nintendo Wii
Alien Syndrome
Alien Syndrome puts players in control of the strong and enigmatic heroine – Earth Command Trooper Aileen Harding – as she battles through a wide variety of environments including onboard infested spaceships and bizarre alien planets, taking on a mixture of fearsome aliens and colossal bosses. Playe ...   more
10/5/2005 | 66 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Alone in the Dark
Featuring a unique gameplay structure adapted for a broader audience, Alone in the Dark will provide a complete next-generation, action-packed experience within a highly detailed, free-roaming environment, featuring a mixture of astonishing real-time physics and full environmental interaction. The g ...   more
5/8/2009 | 0 images | Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo Wii
Astro Boy
In ASTRO BOY: THE VIDEO GAME, players become the iconic hero, Astro Boy, and take to the streets and skies on an epic adventure to save Metro City from the clutches of the evil President Stone and his robot army. Utilizing Astro’s entire arsenal of iconic weapons and abilities—Finger Lasers, Arm Can ...   more
7/28/2009 | 19 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Avatar: The Game
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is the official video game based on the highly anticipated film James Cameron’s Avatar. The video game will take you deep into the heart of Pandora, an alien planet that is beyond imagination. Gamers will encounter the Na’vi, Pandora’s indigenous people and discover ...   more
2/7/2008 | 3 images | Nintendo Wii
Band Mashups
Band Mashups is the first time a musical “mashup” game has been delivered on Wii, allowing players to battle it out with their preferred musical style. Band Mashups features both an exciting two player versus mode and an extensive single-player campaign where players take on the role of one of eleve ...   more
4/2/2008 | 8 images | Nintendo Wii
You awaken to find the world in ruin, your heart beset with unexplained guilt. A cataclysm has destroyed the cities and empires of men and disfigured the spirit of humanity. In this nightmare, it falls to you to descend a mysterious tower in search of absolution. Battle merciless foes through treach ...   more
4/21/2008 | 0 images | Nintendo Wii
Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands is the first true musical combat game and allows players to battle to prove their preferred musical genre reigns supreme. Designed exclusively for Wii, Battle of the Bands features an exciting two player head-to-head mode and an extensive single-player campaign. The game introduc ...   more
5/10/2008 | 3 images | Nintendo Wii
Battle Rage: The Robot Wars
BATTLE RAGE: THE ROBOT WARS the third person shooter with elements of a beat’em'up game that allows a player to control giant robots. Battles between the robots take place on carefully selected battlegrounds (so called “arenas”) and they are short, quick, brutal skirmishes. The player can fight alon ...   more
1/28/2007 | 3 images | Nintendo Wii
Bionicle Heroes
BIONICLE HEROES brings to life the most powerful and exciting BIONICLE characters ever seen in one game, in an action-packed world of adventure and discovery.

Take control of the heroic Toa as they battle against the dastardly Piraka for the ‘Mask of Life’ across the mysterious island of Voya ...   more

6/28/2007 | 0 images | Nintendo Wii
Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy.
Developed by Budcat Creations and scheduled for a Q1 2008 release in Europe, Blast Works is a side-scrolling shooter that lets players craft the game to their liking by building their own levels, ships and enemy ships. In addition, players can “absorb” the pieces and weapons of destroyed enemy ships ...   more
10/28/2006 | 26 images | Nintendo Wii
Fighting game for Nintendo Wii In Development by Sega - more details coming soon... ...   more
3/22/2007 | 10 images | Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii
Boogie is a unique music/rhythm-based game that takes advantage of the innovative Wii controls to get gamers off their couch, playing and dancing to a new beat.

Boogie will have gamers dancing, singing and starring in their own music videos. Players can also choose and customize different char ...   more

2/6/2008 | 11 images | Nintendo Wii
Fun for kids and the entire family, BOOM BLOX offers action-packed interactive activities that takes Wii play to a new level of creativity and fun with single player, co-op, and versus gameplay. Players can explore the visceral gameplay -- perfectly suited for the Wii’s interactivity -- that keeps t ...   more
1/29/2009 | 0 images | Nintendo Wii
BOOM BLOX Bash Party
EA’s collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg continues with BOOM BLOX Bash Party, and the destructive fun reaches new heights with richer multiplayer action and more than 400 new levels that will have players of all ages gaming together and solving action-packed puzzles under water ...   more
4/5/2007 | 0 images | Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii
Brothers In Arms Double Time
Scheduled to ship this year, Brothers In Arms Double Time (fall) and Brothers In Arms DS (summer) will, for the first time, immerse Nintendo system owners into the intensity of World War II through the stories of Sergeants Baker and Hartsock and their squad of paratroopers during the Normandy invasi ...   more
1/18/2008 | 14 images | Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii
Bully: Scholarship Edition
Bully: Scholarship Edition takes place in the fictional New England boarding school of Bullworth Academy, and tells the story of 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he experiences the highs and lows of adjusting to a new school. Capturing the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence perfectly, Bully: Schola ...   more
4/18/2007 | 10 images | Nintendo Wii
Bust-A-Move Bash!
Bust-A-Move Bash! features 10 different characters, including franchise favorites Bub and Bob and many new additions. Players can enjoy four different game modes:

  • Puzzle Mode – offers 500 levels across five different areas;
  • Endless Mode – a challenging test of bubble-bursting sk ...   more
5/8/2007 | 15 images | Nintendo Wii
Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars
Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is a third-person action game with RPG elements. The game places players in a fantasy medieval world, where a dimensional portal to the Outer Worlds has opened, and an enemy from the darkness has encroached the world. Led by a demon named Pompolic, the armies of demoni ...   more
7/11/2006 | 72 images | Xbox, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Call of Duty 3
The follow-up to the #1 next-generation game, Call of Duty 3 delivers the intensity of being closer than ever to the fury of combat during the Normandy Breakout, the historic campaign that made the liberation of Paris possible and brought the Allies a step closer to Berlin. Through a seamless narrat ...   more
5/25/2007 | 24 images | PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
The new action-thriller from the award-winning creators of the Call of Duty series will arm gamers with the most advanced and powerful arsenal of modern day firepower to fight a new war in the world’s most treacherous hotspots.

Mixed with explosive action, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare also d ...   more

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