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List of Games for Puzzle

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6/9/2004 | 34 images | PC
Aura: Fate of the Ages
Aura is a challenging and undeniably beautiful game where concealed artifacts must be discovered and new worlds explored on the quest for ultimate power and immortality.


Since ancient times, a clan of "Keepers" has guarded a collection of sacred rings. Legend proclaims that wit ...   more

9/1/2003 | 5 images | Playstation 2
Prepare yourself for the most frenzied and explosive puzzle experience that will leave you gasping for air. Bombastic puts you in control of a veritable minefield of explosive, moving dice. Roll the dice around the field to link them in like combinations. Once they connect, the dice are detonated an ...   more
2/6/2008 | 11 images | Nintendo Wii
Fun for kids and the entire family, BOOM BLOX offers action-packed interactive activities that takes Wii play to a new level of creativity and fun with single player, co-op, and versus gameplay. Players can explore the visceral gameplay -- perfectly suited for the Wii’s interactivity -- that keeps t ...   more
1/29/2009 | 0 images | Nintendo Wii
BOOM BLOX Bash Party
EA’s collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg continues with BOOM BLOX Bash Party, and the destructive fun reaches new heights with richer multiplayer action and more than 400 new levels that will have players of all ages gaming together and solving action-packed puzzles under water ...   more
2/21/2006 | 24 images | PSP
Capcom Puzzle World
Capcom Puzzle World provides gem busting mayhem at its best with the cult hit, Super Puzzle Fighter II. This time around, in addition to the renowned Super Puzzle Fighter II: X gem breaking mode, two new never-before-released-in-the-US options will be added to increase the level of addictiveness. Su ...   more
1/27/2007 | 38 images | PSP
Unique to its genre, Crush flips traditional gameplay on its head and creates a valuable new gaming experience that is wholly suited to the PSP®. Set within a complex, hypnotic 3D world, players can Crush it to form simple 2D platforms, unlock secrets and then back again, to solve otherwise impossib ...   more
8/29/2003 | 6 images | Xbox
Dance Dance Revolution
The hit franchise Dance Dance Revolution arrives on the Xbox in an all-new game with licensed music, all-new songs, exclusive songs for North America and cool game modes. Designed especially for the Xbox, the revolution goes online with Xbox Live support, offering a host of new downloadable features ...   more
8/29/2003 | 29 images | Playstation 2
DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution
DDRMAX2 is packed full of smash hits, licensed tracks and new songs exclusive to the U.S. A brand new graphical interface showcasing music videos of today's hottest artists offers a whole new visual element to this innovative game. New game modes have also been added to train newcomers to the series ...   more
9/15/2005 | 6 images | Xbox 360
More details coming soon. ...   more
7/2/2006 | 51 images | PlayStation 3
Eye of Judgment
The Eye of Judgment sees the dawn of a new way to interact with the PLAYSTATION 3 system as an innovative game for the world of card games. Using the immense power of PLAYSTATION 3, and the ground-breaking technology of the next generation camera, players can now enjoy a totally new genre in gaming. ...   more
3/5/2008 | 11 images | PSP
The most downloaded game on PLAYSTION Network is now available on PSP (PlayStation Portable) system. Soothing and seductive, flOw (PSP) draws you into the evolution of a simple aquatic creature journeying through a surreal abyss. Initially a Master of Fine Arts thesis, flOw(PSP) is a game about pilo ...   more
11/30/2005 | 22 images | PSP
Go! Sudoku
Based on the Japanese number puzzles that have taken the world by storm, Go! Sudoku will be your lifelong Sudoku companion with a totally fresh new look and playing experience for Sudoku experts and novices alike.

You'll never be waiting for a new puzzle with Go! Sudoku as it comes fully loade ...   more

7/6/2007 | 15 images | Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii
Designed to make the most of the innovative control systems on Wii and DS, the game will offer unpredictable, quick-paced, tactical play that combines suspense and risk-taking, where mounting anticipation comes to a crashing climax. Licensed by Pokonobe Associates and developed by Atomic Planet, Jen ...   more
7/1/2003 | 40 images | Playstation 2
Karaoke Revolution
Debuting on the Sony PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system in November 2003, Karaoke Revolution will feature an outstanding catalog of hit songs set to beautifully rendered 3D graphics. Now, game players worldwide will be able to turn their living rooms into a concert stage, complete with a li ...   more
2/10/2005 | 4 images | PSP
Lumines brings a unique puzzle experience to PSP handheld system owners, offering gameplay reminiscent of Tetris while including new innovations and enhancements in technology that fuse music, puzzles and luminescence. Users are challenged to delete blocks from the game screen while grooving to evol ...   more
11/8/2006 | 9 images | PSP
Lumines II
Lumines II for the PSP is the highly anticipated sequel to the extremely addictive puzzle-based video game, Lumines. Gamers control squares made of four smaller block pieces that are dropped into the playing field one at a time to form same-color squares. The vertical “timeline” sweeps across the pl ...   more
8/16/2003 | 0 images | GameCube
Mario Party 5
Mario and his closest friends are trying to restore peace to Dream World by racing around a collection of all-new game boards-and tons of surprises await! The new game sports new game boards, more than 60 new mini-games, new playable characters, an expanded one-player mode and, of course, the multi- ...   more
6/17/2006 | 27 images | PSP, Nintendo Wii
Mercury Meltdown
Modeled after the old-fashioned wooden labyrinth game, Mercury Meltdown lets you take control of a liquid mercury 'blob', guiding it around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors and other hazardous elements. The sequel features a fresh, vibrant graphical style with a zany cartoon quality.

...   more

12/17/2006 | 21 images | Nintendo Wii
Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a puzzle game that challenges players to immerse themselves in a colorful world of sci-fi machines, crazy characters, and bubbling test tubes. Players take control of a liquid mercury ‘blob’, guiding it around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors and other hazar ...   more
4/11/2004 | 7 images | Xbox, PC
Myst IV: Revelation
Within the visually awe-inspiring world of Myst®, a gripping family drama will slowly unfold. Players are engaged in uncovering the mystery surrounding a little girl's disappearance, daring to venture deep inside the intense worlds of two evil, villainous brothers, Sirrus and Achenar. Understanding ...   more

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