SSX 3 Xbox Review

SSX 3 Xbox Review

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11/19/2003 11:33:38 PM
SSX 3 Xbox Review

By Shiva Deonarine

Everyone out there -- at least everyone who’s into extreme sports games -- knows the SSX series since it came out on the PlayStation. It was revered by fans of the snowboarding genre, and when "SSX Tricky" came out, EA raised the bar on both extreme sports and extreme gaming. The game had better graphics, real movie stars as the voices of characters, and a host of new moves. Now SSX 3 has hit all the consoles, and once more the bar is raised. The game is a sure hit and is tons of fun to play for anyone who likes to make a snowboarder do the impossible.

"SSX 3" brings more characters into the mix than were in "SSX Tricky." After you've picked a character, you are given three slopes to run on, while two more are unlocked later in the game. Each slope includes various events and each event is divided up into a number of races.

The freestyle is basically a run by yourself on a circuit where you try to execute the craziest and most insane moves imaginable. It’s very similar to the previous versions of the game: your character can grab some HUGE air after hitting a ramp and jumping. Unlike most other snowboarding games, in "SSX3" the fun takes place in the air. Your character flips, twists, and spins in so many different ways you can get dizzy, but it looks damn cool. As you’re boarding you'll notice a power bar at the side of your screen. This builds up as you accomplish moves, and when it's maxed out the music gets crazy and your character is capable of doing “Uber Tricks” that allow you to do even more insane stunts and get more points.

Among the race events, possibly the most popular one puts you up against a group of snowboarders in a race down the circuit for a medal. When you get the medal you can upgrade you snowboard and your player's look. You can also unlock the other stages in the game that allow you to compete at the harder and much more exciting levels.

One particularly fun part of "SSX3" is the fact you can have rivals or friends in the game. As you progress through the circuit you can hit -- accidentally or on purpose -- your competitors. Doing so can generate enemies who remember who you are when you meet up with them in the other races. This means some of them can hate you so much they could just be gunning for you to knock you down, and you can knock them down too. Helping other players can result in alliances where they may help you in some situations, provided they don’t have a grudge with your rival in the first place. This puts a totally new spin on the game and makes it even more fun to play as your character can actually develop some sort of a reputation.

The sound department of SSX3 is fantastic. The movie star acting for the characters is gone but this does not slow the game down a bit. The characters are still funny and have a ton of witty remarks. Each character has a unique attitude and is well portrayed in the game. The soundtrack to SSX 3 is absolutely first class. The music hits all the popular genres of tunes, from rock to pop to hip hop and even trance, and really gets your adrenaline pumping.

Graphically the game has sharpened up a bit from the previous versions. The characters are brighter and more detailed and their new moves and super combos look even better when executed. The camera keeps up with the action and EA solved some glitches like getting your character stuck in certain areas.

In general "SSX3" is a blast and definitely a winner all round. If you like the SSX series, just get this game and don’t ask questions. If you are new to the series but love arcade-style sports games, just fall in with what I said in the previous line. To everyone else out there, this game is a SURE SHOT party favorite and a great all-around fun sports game. Gamers of any genre would be wise to pick up a copy.

Ratings (1-10):

Graphics: 8. The characters are well displayed, and everything is bright and colorful.

Sound: 10. One of the best soundtracks ever heard in a sports game. The character dialogue is top notch as well.

Gameplay: 10. The game is easy to master and way too much fun to play.

Story: 5. Not much of a story. It’s a sports game! Then again your interaction with other snowboarders is a nice touch.

Replayability:10. You will play it on and on and on………

Overall: 9. State of the art. You think they couldn’t do better than the last one? You're wrong!!!

SSX 3 Xbox Review

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